Xin Fumanling Cream


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The original fumanling cream in new packing.

The Xin fumanling cream is a kind of medicated cosmetics which contains Chinese herbs and metronidazole 3%
This cream is specially developed to eliminate demodex mites.
Working against Acne, Rosacea, thickened (rhinophyma) and/or red noses, demodicosis.
This cream also works very good against the rash caused by Lyme disease.

Net weight: 20 gr.

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The Xin fumanling creme is a kind of medicated cosmetics commonly prepared by JINAN Dongfeng Pharmaceutical Factory and invented by Professor Qu kui-zun, a famous dermatologist, it has won the First State- invention Award and the 14th International invention Silver Award in Geneva.
It kills demodex mites and bacteria, diminishes inflammation, stops itching, and improves the skins appearance. This product is especially effective in treating acne, demodectic rosacea, thickened skin, brandy nose, itching face etc.
The Fumanling cream is also proven to work very good against the rash caused by Lyme disease.

Directions for use:
1: Before application, wash the face and hands with warm water and a neutral soap, wipe the face dry and put with a finger some tiny little dots everywhere on the face then gently rub in the cream, it is really not necessary to use a lot, just a tiny bit is enough. Repeat this procedure 2 times a day or use alternated with the Zhongzhou ointment.
2: Never use the Fumanling cream together with the Zhongzhou ointment at the same time, alternating use like Fumanling in the morning and Zhongzhou in the evening is ok.
3: The duration of treatment is minimum 90 days for Demodex folliculorum mites, and minimum 120 days for Demodex brevis mites.
4: In case of thickened skin (rhinophyma) it can be a help taking 5-10 mg of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 3 times a day.
5: If you can go somewhere to test for the presence of demodex mites or you can do yourself then try do this regularly until the tests are negative. This way you can easy follow the progress.
6: This cream can only be applied externally, oral medication is strictly forbidden.

Storage: Seal it airtight, do not expose to light and if for a longer time, keep it in places under 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit)

Some Ingredients:
3% Metronidazole
Radix Angelicae Dahuricae
Radix Stemonae
And other herbs.

Since people can be or become allergic for almost every product we advice to test the ointment first on little place of the skin to be sure you are not allergic.

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