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Have you been disappointed by dermatologists and products promising to reduce or  cure the agony of your rosacea, redness, acne or other unsightly skin issues?  In many cases these products and pills do not address the true underlying cause of most: Demodex mites

Many  have their life ruined due to the mites and  havoc they can wreak: Acne, Rosacea, unexplained redness and other unsightly skin issues--often after a lifetime of healthy skin before becoming infested with Demodex.

Largely because they're unaware of truly effective solutions that  work and key, what's causing the problem to begin with--which may go beyond bacteria and simply diet.  

Demodex mites are almost always the culprit and cause of  redness, bumps and pain of skin problems (rosacea, especially).

Since our team of researchers and medical professionals'  pioneering work spanning nearly 20 years on  demodex mites and devasting harm they can do ,many companies jumped on our success and started to make  products claiming to do the same.

However,  most of them are  not strong enough and do greater harm than good.
Since we made people aware about Demodex mites and the harm they can do many companies jumped on this market and made their own products but because of the (patented) secret herbal composition no other product can beat the ZhongZhou cream, our success rate is the highest from them all.

Demodex mites are extremely difficult to eliminate and if one wants to do so effectively and completely, you must do it right-- with a specific  combination of proven ingredients.  You will only find these in our patented products, beginning with our ZZ Cream specifically. 

Otherwise you could end up with double or triple the number of demodex on your skin, as the more damaged it becomes the more vulnerable you are to their destruction.  

Our products are proven to work and will clear your skin.   You must follow the directions we provide and be patient, as the redness and irritation may appear worse-- before the final kill off of demodex and clearing, healing begins.

If you have any questions not answered please contact us at [email protected]

Begin now and you can have your former skin back--in many cases even improved, better, soon.  Guaranteed. 

The Demodex team


The ZhongZhou cream is made in a medically approved factory using the highest standards that they are obligated to follow.