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Shipping to USA update because covid19

April 16 2020

Dear customers

Hong Kong Post announced the need to suspend Speedpost services to the United States of America (USA) owing to the substantial reduction in flight frequencies by airlines, which has resulted in a nearly complete inability to provide any air traffic capacity to cope with the volume of Speedpost items conveyed to the USA. So the only Shipping option we have left for the moment to the US is surface mail which can take 2 till 3 weeks but the good news is that we made this shipping option for free.

Best to order in time.

We hope all will be back to normal soon.

The Demodex Team


havent received my order #40443 (May 20 2020 08:09)
Please advise I ordered April 1st almost 2 months now.<br /><br />
Cost for $197.80. Please send me my product and advise<br /><br />
me of doing so.<br /><br />
Thank you.

Brenda Ganne - Saskatchewan
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