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Demoderm is not ZhongZhou cream anymore.

March 6 2020

Dear valued Customers

With this announcement we want to let you know that We distance ourselves from Agenki Germany.

As you probably know, we are the exclusive distributors of ZhongZhou cream for Europe and we delivered till now ZhongZhou cream to Agenki which is sold under the name Demoderm.
Purely for profit Agenki decided to make a product themselves so their product has nothing to do anymore with ZhongZhou cream.
Everybody can make a sulfur/zinc oxide based product but this is not sufficient, the big difference is that our ZhongZhou cream has a patented herbal mix as extra ingredients and this is exactly what makes the difference, this formula is a secret and there is no way Agenki can know this.
All the testimonials and successes on Agenki website are the results from our ZhongZhou cream sold under the brand Demoderm, not from their new product.
Remember, treating against demodex mites with a product that is not effective enough can make in the long run the skin problem even worse.

As soon we find a new German distributer ZhongZhou cream will be again available locally.
For a temporarily time we offer free shipping for ZhongZhou cream to Germany, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

Importing from Hong Kong should not be a problem because the cosmetic ZhongZhou cream is registered in Europe as a cosmetic product, European Reg. number CPNP# 2901972

The Demodex Team


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren

Mit dieser Ankündigung möchten wir Sie wissen lassen, dass wir uns von Agenki Deutschland distanzieren.

Wie Sie wahrscheinlich wissen, sind wir die exklusiven Distributoren der ZhongZhou-Creme für Europa und haben bisher die ZhongZhou-Creme an Agenki geliefert, die sie unter dem Namen Demoderm verkaufen.
Rein aus Profitgründen hat Agenki beschlossen, ein eigenes Produkt herzustellen, sodass das Produkt nichts mehr mit der ZhongZhou-Creme zu tun hat.
Jeder kann ein Produkt auf Schwefel- / Zinkoxidbasis herstellen, aber das reicht nicht aus.
Der große Unterschied besteht darin, dass unsere ZhongZhou-Creme eine patentierte Kräutermischung als zusätzliche Inhaltsstoffe enthält. Genau das macht den Unterschied aus.
Diese Formel ist ein Geheimnis und es gibt keine Möglichkeit das Agenki das wissen kann.
Alle Testimonials und Vorher / Nachher-Bilder auf der Agenki-Website sind die Ergebnisse unserer ZhongZhou-Creme, die unter der Marke Demoderm verkauft wird,
nicht von ihrem neuen Produkt.

Denken Sie daran, dass die Behandlung von Demodex-Milben mit einem Produkt, das nicht wirksam genug ist, das Hautproblem auf lange Sicht verschlechtern kann.

Sobald wir einen neuen deutschen Distributor finden, wird die ZhongZhou-Creme wieder vor Ort erhältlich sein
Zur Zeit bieten wir kostenlosen Versand für die ZhongZhou-Creme nach Deutschland, Österreich, Kroatien und Slowenien an.

Der Import aus Hongkong sollte kein Problem sein, da die kosmetische ZhongZhou-Creme in Europa als kosmetisches Produkt gemäß der europäischen Verordnung registriert ist.
Nummer CPNP # 2901972

Das Demodex-Team


Question (June 7 2020 13:14)
Hi:),<br />
My name is Nini,<br />
I‘m searching for a solution for my rosacea.<br />
And I have found the cream from DemoDerm. Is this cream the same as the Zhongzhou cream from China ?

Nisrine - Germany
Demoderm is not ZhongZhou cream anymore (June 7 2020 15:05)
Hello Nini<br />
No, Demoderm is not ZhongZhou cream anymore.<br />
Best regards<br />

The Demodex team - Hong Kong
Pregnancy (June 15 2020 12:06)
Hi:),<br /><br />
Can I use the cream in a pregnancy?

Nini - Germany
Your question regarding pregnancy (June 15 2020 14:05)
Dear Nini

This is the news part of our website.
we will answer you by email.
For any questions regarding the use of the ZhongZhou ointment
Please use our forum
or email us at info@demodexsolutions.com

Thank you

The Demodex team - Hong Kong
Another company trading under the name Zhong - Zhou , ripping people off. (July 23 2020 11:02)
I don’t know it is this company Agenki , but there is another company selling in the UK , using the Zhong Zhou name to sell their ointment . Last Christmas I lost my supply of Zhong Zhou ointment , and needed to stock up some more quickly . I found this other company selling the old zz ointment in the UK , and offering ‘ special next day delivery’ ., as well as a first class option . I emailed them on the Thursday and asked them if the order would arrive the following day . They replied and assured me that it would , if I placed my order before 5pm.
I placed my order before 5pm and paid £8 for the special next day delivery option .
But this company , did not even dispatch my order until Tuesday the next week . They then refused to give me a refund for my £8 extra which I had paid for the ‘special delivery ‘ . So beware of this company . They are still getting a lot of UK based customers, who are looking for the Zhong Zhou ointment , as they are still advertising their product using the Zhong Zhou name . The ointment I purchased from them seemed the same as the old zhongzhou ointment .
They are also selling on amazon.co.uk , although the packaging has now changed. I still have a record of the email correspondence and I will share how this company is decieiving people with postage more in the future .

Dean - UK
So is the product on Amazon your formula (August 11 2020 05:13)
Please tell me the exact product on Amazon that you are recommending . Thank you . If I can text me it will help me. 215-421-1363

Betty - PA, USA
So is the product on Amazon your formula (August 11 2020 05:13)
Please tell me the exact product on Amazon that you are recommending . Thank you . If I can text me it will help me. 215-421-1363

Betty - PA, USA
So is the product on Amazon your formula (August 11 2020 05:14)
Please tell me the exact product on Amazon that you are recommending . Thank you . If I can text me it will help me. 215-421-1363

Betty - PA, USA
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  • Healed Rosacea, along with change in diet (3/10/2019) 
    Recommended as topical treatment by Brady Burrows on the Rosacea Forum in 2004. The proscribed 4-month treatment along with change in diet healed rosacea I had been suffering with for 7 years. Treated again for several demodex mite flareups over the next 4 years. Haven't had any rosacea problems since. Now use "ZZ Cream" to quickly and effectively treat occasional pimples. ZZ Cream is the BEST without having to resort to medication if you're willing to be diligent in applying for 4 months.
  • ZZ Cream is amazing... both effective treatment and cost effective (12/9/2019) 
    ZZ Cream is a miracle product that literally delivers on its promises. While I don't have many symptoms of rosecea, I've struggled with demodex for many years. Using this product routinely produced results that genuinely exceeded my expectations and completely cleared my skin. I noticed 60% improvement after the first two weeks and 95% improvement in the past 2 1/2 months. My skin is clear, facial and neckline bumps are gone, redness disappeared and pores are Significantly improved. An added bonus is my skin appears much younger with far less wrinkles. I use approximately one jar per week which may sound expensive to some... but considering what one would have to spend on doctor visits (and likely have lesser results), the price is a bargain. Only caution is: only use this cream around your eyes in the evening before bed, the fumes alone will make your eyes water and appear irritated; but the results are definitely worth this relatively small inconvenience.
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