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How to use our products

• Q: How to use Zhongzhou ointment and Fumanling cream?

• Q: How to use our eyelash cream?

• Q: How to use our scalp/body lotion?

• Q: How to use our shampoo?

• Q: is possible to have setbacks even after several days of treatment?


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Q: How to use Zhongzhou ointment and Fumanling cream?

A: Before application, wash the face and hands with warm water and soap, a good choice is using our soap since it helps to control the infections but you can use any soap you like.
Apply the ZZ Cream by putting with a finger some tiny little dots everywhere on the face and then gently rub the product into the skin, it is really not necessary to use a lot, just a tiny bit is enough.
Apply two times a day, if it is not possible during the day for example because of working conditions then use only during the evening/night, it will probably take a little longer like this but you will achieve the same results.
The same applying instructions goes for the Fumanling cream except that it is more easy to apply and can be easier used invisible during the day.
Applying the ZZ Cream is much more easy when applied on a slightly damp skin.

Never use The Zhongzhou ointment together with the Fumanling cream at the same time, alternating use like Fumanling in the morning and Zhongzhou in the evening is ok.
This cream and/or ointment can only be applied externally, oral use is not allowed and can be poisonous.
Since we can be allergic for whatever substance, if using for the first time, best to apply a bit on your inner arm first to see if no allergic reaction.
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Q: How to use our eyelash cream?

A: Always wash your hand well before manipulating the eyelashes to avoid infections or allergic reactions, it helps a lot when you massage the eyelashes between your fingers before applying the cream, the aim is to remove any blockages to the eyelash roots, this way the eyelash cream can reach the mites better, maybe not so easy to do so if this is too difficult for you, then just clean your eyelashes with physiological water or just pure water first .
Apply a bit cream on the eyelash roots with a sterile ear stick or something similar, use two times a day.
Most of the time the 2% metronidazole cream is sufficient, if really necessary you can use the 3% version.
WARNING Eyes are very precious, ALWAYS use eyelash treatments under the guidance of your doctor.
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Q: How to use our scalp/body lotion?

A: Just apply small amounts of lotion with a clean cotton on the whole scalp or where needed, do this a couple of times daily, like always with demodex mites, the evening/night application is the most important one.
For treating the body wIth the lotion use a couple of times every day with a cotton on the affected places.

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Q: How to use our shampoo?

Just use as any other shampoo, best to let it soak for some minutes before rinsing.
Use two or three times a week.

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Q: Can there be setbacks during the treatment?

Yes, it is possible to have setbacks even after several days of treatment.
When the mites die, they decompose inside the skin and can cause infections, the biggest reason for this infections is that those mites host specific bacteria and allergens becomes exposed in the skin.
Different people have different levels of reaction to the treatment, if a setback happens this can be a difficult period for acne and rosacea sufferers because they can think that the treatment is not working, and does more harm than good but on the contrary,
this is a sign that the treatment is working well and the mites are being killed.
It is very important in this stage not to become discouraged and to continue the treatment without interruption, if the reaction is too severe you can slow down the treatment for some days and only use a tiny bit cream.
This period will last not long. Know that you skin will clear up and becomes better soon.


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  • Healed Rosacea, along with change in diet (3/10/2019) 
    Recommended as topical treatment by Brady Burrows on the Rosacea Forum in 2004. The proscribed 4-month treatment along with change in diet healed rosacea I had been suffering with for 7 years. Treated again for several demodex mite flareups over the next 4 years. Haven't had any rosacea problems since. Now use "ZZ Cream" to quickly and effectively treat occasional pimples. ZZ Cream is the BEST without having to resort to medication if you're willing to be diligent in applying for 4 months.
  • ZZ Cream is amazing... both effective treatment and cost effective (12/9/2019) 
    ZZ Cream is a miracle product that literally delivers on its promises. While I don't have many symptoms of rosecea, I've struggled with demodex for many years. Using this product routinely produced results that genuinely exceeded my expectations and completely cleared my skin. I noticed 60% improvement after the first two weeks and 95% improvement in the past 2 1/2 months. My skin is clear, facial and neckline bumps are gone, redness disappeared and pores are Significantly improved. An added bonus is my skin appears much younger with far less wrinkles. I use approximately one jar per week which may sound expensive to some... but considering what one would have to spend on doctor visits (and likely have lesser results), the price is a bargain. Only caution is: only use this cream around your eyes in the evening before bed, the fumes alone will make your eyes water and appear irritated; but the results are definitely worth this relatively small inconvenience.
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