This movie shows how to do a test for DEMODEX mites, a new narrated and better version will be available soon.
Basically it is very simple and easy to do yourself, what you need is a microscope, this doesn't need to be a expensive one,
40X multiplication is enough, what is important however is that you need a kind of light system under the glass slide.
What you will need:

1: A microscope with a light system under the glass slide, 40X multiplication is enough
2: Microscope glass slides, they are cheap and easy to find on the net.
3: A Tool to scrape the skin, this is nothing special and one can use whatever suitable thing for this, it is easy to make it yourself, it is just a piece of metal like shown down here with a more ore les pointed edge it doesn't need to be sharp, it is not the meaning to cut the skin, one should be able to push with the tool on the skin and glide downwards without damaging the skin. We have some of this tools available in our shop for two dollar.
4: A bit whatever vegetable oil

How to do:
First take a glass slide and put a drop of oil in the middle. As you can see in the video, start with the forehead, push reasonable hard with the first cm of the tool and scrape the skin slowly, this will push the demodex mites out and they will be collected on the tool point. The most easy region on the forehead is between the eyebrows. Put the point of the tool in the oil on the glass slide and stir a bit so the mites will go in the oil. Do the same on the area between the lower lip and the chin, again stir the tool in the oil on the glass slide to collect the mites. The nose is slightly different, best to push the top and the sides of the nose quit hard first, then collect the sebum or oily substance you pushed out with the tool and mix it with the oil on the glas slide again. If you want to know from which area you collected mites you can use 3 different glass slides. That's it, all what is left now is examine the oil on the glass slide under the microscope for mites, look in every region of the oil, you will see a lot of stuff like dead skin cells and other stuff which you scraped from the skin but if there are mites you will see them, it is easy to recognise them, don't give up too fast, once you know how to do you will see how easy it is.

demodex test scraping tool
Demodex test scraping tool side view
demodex test scraping tool edge
Demodex test scraping tool edge view

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