A sample study that has been carried out in China as well as abroad has shown that from the population at least 60% is infested with Demodex mites, some study’s even say up to 99%.
From those infested people 10% is developing skin diseases.

7.56% are getting acne and other skin diseases. (References)
2.44% rosacea (References)

There can be also other reasons for rosacea and acne but according Professor Zhao Zhong zhou 90% of the acnes are because of mite infestation.
(This data is obtained from around 150 little clinics in China whom using solely the Zhongzhou Medical Ointment for treating acne/rosacea and other related skin diseases with a success rate of almost 100%)

The only way to be sure you have a problem with demodex mites is to carry out a test like described in the FAQ section, this can be done by a dermatologist ore yourself. You can also find the most occurring symptoms from mite infestation in the FAQ

Down here, we provide for you some pictures from examples of people with skin diseases caused by demodex mites.
Please note that even a single spot once in a while, most of the time is caused by demodex mites.

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