Changed my life! (2/23/2020)
Unbelievable success with this product. I had already addressed gut health, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, sugar, and stopped using all chemical containing facial products. This helped a lot, yet I still had rosacea. I finally found out about demodex mites and the destruction they cause. I was initially apprehensive about ordering the cream, but none of the prescription medications were working and I figured I had nothing to lose. The cream worked beautifully and in 4 weeks my skin was completely clear, after 20 years. I documented my journey with before/after pics on my blog, I hope this will encourage others to try this and shate their stories.

Tara - Massachusetts, USA
Healed Rosacea, along with change in diet (3/10/2019)
Recommended as topical treatment by Brady Burrows on the Rosacea Forum in 2004. The proscribed 4-month treatment along with change in diet healed rosacea I had been suffering with for 7 years. Treated again for several demodex mite flareups over the next 4 years. Haven't had any rosacea problems since. Now use "ZZ Cream" to quickly and effectively treat occasional pimples. ZZ Cream is the BEST without having to resort to medication if you're willing to be diligent in applying for 4 months.

RachaelM - California/USA
Very helpful to clear acne. (2/18/2019)
My friend has use this for two weeks and it greatly helped reduce her acne.

DeLaney - California USA

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