The Best Thing on the Market for Acne Rosacea (5/27/2019)
This product is amazing. As someone who has a whole slew of skin problems (acne, rosacea, redness, occasional seborrheic dermatitis) I can honestly say that this cream has helped clear my skin better than anything I've ever used. (And trust me, I've tried a lot.) I used to get pimples and pustules that would accompany my rosacea redness, and this cream has completely eliminated that aspect of the skin ailment. After the P&P's were gone, I was quite surprised by how much of the redness began to diminish as well. (Having that extra inflammation around really does make your face a lot redder!) Seborrheic dermatitis is gone, too. (Or rather, dormant. I slather more of this stuff on as soon as I start to notice it rearing its ugly head again, particularly in the wintertime.) All of my other problems (mainly the rosacea flushing) I have taken care of with laser treatments and red light therapy. I honestly don't know where I'd be without this cream, though. For me it worked even better than Soolantra, which is the field of dermatology's current number one prescription for the treatment of acne rosacea. I think this cream's effectiveness is due mainly to the fact that it is jam-packed with all kinds of awesome ingredients that help with acne and inflammation. (Sulfur and salicylic acid? Yes, please!) The only thing I will say is that it's rather drying, particularly if you already have dry skin. If this is you, I recommend starting by using just a little product, maybe even diluting it with water. And follow the instructions!

Customer - USA
Fixed my adult acne problem 100%. (11/14/2019)
I was all of a sudden plagued with adult acne when I was in my early 40's... no idea why or where it came from but it was bad... my cheeks were bright red with a patch of red bumps. I tried several different things that didn't work, and was finally told by an esthetician that it was demodex mites causing the problem. Of course I was horrified, and found this product online soon after. I could tell after the first application that it was helping my skin... very soothing and menthol feeling, I could feel it seeping into my pores and just knew it was going to work. Cannot recommend this product enough, for folks who are experiencing the same mysterious skin problem ~ believe me no American dermatologist will be knowledgeable about it or admit that mites are to blame.. they just want to prescribe antibiotics and rosacea creams that don't work. I will be forever impressed and thankful for Chinese medicine and zz cream/Demodex Solutions.

Customer - USA
Must have for people with rosacea. (10/11/2019)
If you suffer from rosacea this is a musts have. I have been using ZZ cream for years along with the bar soap by them, DEMODEX Solutions for my rosacea. Usually I order on line from China and buy a year's supply to save on shipping. I am very happy to find on Amazon they need to add the soap now. In the past the only treatment was low dose antibiotic doxycycline and a sulfur cream, that didnt work very well, plus issues from being on antibiotics. The only other option was laser v-beam treatments. Laser treatment was painfull and expesive. Even with the other treatment still had problems, itchy eyes, and scalp. Had to be carefully in the sun, forget summer outdoor activities unless you wanted to look like a beet face. Now I have no problems with rosacea. Wash face with the soap and apply ZZ cream morning and night, can also apply any makeup or other face cream, sun block after with no problems.

Kindle Customer - USA

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