Works (1/22/2020)
I have been using it for a few weeks now and my skin is noticeable clearer.

Sandra - Illinois
Best Topical for Rosacea (1/22/2020)
I have been using the original ZZ cream for years to control my rosacea so I wanted to try the cosmetic ZZ cream. I found it to be just as good or better as the original and noticed it is smoother in texture and seems to dissolve better into my skin. I apply it at night and then wash it off in the AM. Along with avoiding sugar and carbohydrate as much as possible along with the ZZ cream, this has proven to be the best topical to use to control my rosacea. Recommend you try it for thirty days and you should notice improvement in thirty days (clearance in 90 to 120 days).

Brady - Alabama
ZZ Cream is amazing... both effective treatment and cost effective (12/9/2019)
ZZ Cream is a miracle product that literally delivers on its promises. While I don't have many symptoms of rosecea, I've struggled with demodex for many years. Using this product routinely produced results that genuinely exceeded my expectations and completely cleared my skin. I noticed 60% improvement after the first two weeks and 95% improvement in the past 2 1/2 months. My skin is clear, facial and neckline bumps are gone, redness disappeared and pores are Significantly improved. An added bonus is my skin appears much younger with far less wrinkles. I use approximately one jar per week which may sound expensive to some... but considering what one would have to spend on doctor visits (and likely have lesser results), the price is a bargain. Only caution is: only use this cream around your eyes in the evening before bed, the fumes alone will make your eyes water and appear irritated; but the results are definitely worth this relatively small inconvenience.

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