So How Does Coconut Oil Affect These Mites?!

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So How Does Coconut Oil Affect These Mites?!

Post by redhill »

I put some on my eyebrows and around the nose one day and it seemed to offer temporary / partial relief from their attacks?

However, the next day, the seemed to come out in full force despite the same routine...

Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks in advance as (you know) this problem is terrifying...
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Re: So How Does Coconut Oil Affect These Mites?!

Post by braveheart »

I'm going to my Dr. on monday to see what exactly the things are I am picking off but I am not sure but I think the oil smoothers them. They never move once they come out of my pores or my kids pores and I just pick them off with tweezers. I do it morning and night my whole body. Each day there are less and less and smaller and smaller ones to pick off. I guess it is just finding out what works for you and your schedule. Like I just finished picking for an hour and a half. My skin feels so much better but I know I will have to do the same tonight. I am dedicated though I am going to get them all off whatever they are. My daughters acne/bumps on her back, arms, legs already look so much better. That is thrilling enough in itself no matter what they are or how it works. I will tell what my Dr. says. Good luck and try not to be terrified. Just think better out than in!! :)
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