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From Leah

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Hi Walter,

I have tried a few times to register and post on the forum but I never received the activation email. So, I wanted to email you my good news in case you wanted to share it on the forum:
Firstly, let me say that I, like many others, have tried so many things to try and improve my skin. I had terrible acne as a teenager (13 onwards) and was told that it would clear up in my 20's. It didn't.
I am now 41 so have been struggling with acne prone skin for 28 years.
I have tried so many weird and wonderful treatments but none of them really worked.
My skin began to worsen last year; increased papules, itchiness and very flaky skin. I went to an American dermatologist here in Australia and she diagnosed me as having democidosis. I was given Ivermectin to take orally and it cleared things up for a short period before going back to how it was. Then I found the Demodex Solutions website. I read every single post and would like to give my own feedback.
Firstly, I believe that the time it takes for ZZ cream etc to work will vary greatly between individuals. During the first three weeks my skin became incredibly bumpy and inflamed, it looked like there were hundreds of raised red pores. These were itchy and flaky and looked horrible. I believe now that this was the initial flush of Demodex mites closer to the surface that were dying off and causing inflammation. During the next few months my skin showed similar symptoms (not as severe) in cycles. Clear for a few days to a week, then terrible for a few days to a week. I think that this correlated to the life cycle of the mites and eggs hatching. I felt so upset and impatient at times and thought "this stuff isnt working", sometimes I was anxious it was making it worse. However, gradually over time my skin has gotten better and better and I am sure that I will be healed entirely in the next month or two. I will then go on to once weekly maintenance applications.
I just really want to encourage people not to give up, keep going! For some of us it will take 2-5 months to work.
One last piece of advice about something that REALLY HELPED me. I read a post that someone was using emu oil to treat the dry skin that occurs with use of the ZZ cream. I began applying a thin layer of emu oil an hour before the ZZ cream at night and not only did it help moisturize my skin, it also really reduced redness and inflammation.
Give it a go.

I just want to thank Walter for his help and encourage you that this does work if you stick at it.

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