Acne Problems

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Acne Problems

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Hey I am 25/male and I never had acne since 2 years ago. Had some blue light therapy and was using BP for a few months and my skin was clear. It lasted for 10 months then I started having acne again when I moved back to Hong Kong. Thought it might be caused by the humid weather but when I went back to the US for about 4 months early this year, my acne did not improve. I moved back to Hong Kong again half a year ago and trying different products (oil cleaning method, colon cleansing, bio-peeling) my acne is not improving. It got worse over the summer... The main problem I am most concerned of is the many small bumps on my forehead. These bumps are skin coloured with a black dot (looks like a hole) in the middle. Tried coconut oil + tea tree oil for a few months but caused breakouts all along even though I was quite consistent. Just these two months, I started using Dalacin T followed by a light organic moisturizer. The big acnes are gone but the small ones are not reacting to it (especially the ones on my forehead). I also went to a dermatologist to have them extracted but they came back after two weeks..

Questions I have
- I bought the zz ointment. Will it help? I don't even know if my acne is a cause of demodex mites.
- Should I wear a moisturizer after the application?... it is really humid here in Hong Kong and I have oily skin (could be because my skin is dry so it becomes oily.. idk)
- I am really worried about the "getting worse before getting better" effect.. based on your experience, does it happen to small bumps on forehead as well?

Please let me know! Really appreciate it.
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