Finely my acne is gone

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Finely my acne is gone

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I am a 23 year old guy who developed severe acne at age 13. Id always been a very outgoing and socialble person as a kid but this took me by surprise...i was told by relatives it's just normal and will clear up in no time.
Acne became worse and I eventually went to see dermatologists who put me on roacutane. My experience with this was hell...although this may have helped people before...I felt physically sick...could barely even run (and i was always an active physically fit person) and left my skin scarred beyond belief.

Over time my acne improved ever so slightly due to changes in diet but I was stil never truly happy with my skin.
At age 22 I read about the Demodex theory and something did click in my my skin always felt itchier at night. It got me thinking and after spending alot of money on products that never worked, I felt I'd give this a go.

July 2011 was the time I began using ZZ cream. First few days seemed to go well, noadverse reactions...but then after about 7 days my skin erupted. ACNE EVERYWHERE! Not only that but it looked like weird skin rashes. If I hadnt read that this was a normal reaction that meant it was working then I'd have binned the produc and never ever thought about it again.
I braced through these outbreaks, not even wanting to show my face in public. But I had too, I had no choice. It was pure embaressment, I wanted to wear a mask. Eventually these cleared up, and my skin looked already better. Anotehr week later...more outbreaks. I read this was the normal cycle of demodex...

It was only until around the begining of month 3, I woke up 1 morning and I could actually recognize my face that I hadn't seen for so long...nearly 10 years. I could have cried with emotion. I looked like me again...

I have now used ZZ ointment from July 2011 Until today April 2012 and I can safely say I don't get acne anymore. It's true people do treat you differently when you have severe acne.. even if inside you are stil the same person. This day now my social life and confidence has improved immensely and I have to thank you..."
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