Thanks for these products!

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Thanks for these products!

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I wanted to express my gratitude for everyone who posts to this forum, Demodex Solutions Co. and Walter.
These products have changed my life!
Why? I have battled something the last 2 years, probably longer. Something that could not be identified by dermatologists, general m.d.’s, even tropical medicine specialists.
The suffering encountered through lack of sleep, facial skin problems, crawling, itching sensations on my ears, groin, scalp areas. The stress, emotional challenges due to it that my wife, family and doctor’s could not explain or at times believe me- I would not wish on anyone.
After almost 3 months of using these products, I have a life back.
My face is no longer looking sick/unhealthy, peeling, breaking out, large red pimple looking eruptions gone. My nose started to enlarge and is now, as also my face looking great and back to normal.
I am still dealing with my groin area. It seems the last holdout of the strongest/heartiest of these little beasts of horror.
For a long time, I had discomfort there, thought it was acidity from internal digestive juices causing irritation that would come and go.
My face was red for a few years and would break out and go away. My neck started to become red and stay that way, along with my ears and face.
Then the breakouts on face started to become worse, not completely go away. My skin started to be a constant peeling situation. I started to feel crawly type things on my scalp, inside my ears and down below in groin/crotch area, especially at night as I tried to sleep. I’d go put magnifying glass’ on and look to see if anything was there, nothing seen.
When I finally saw my face one day in my car mirror in the sunlight. I was shocked, it didn’t look that way in the bathroom mirror with poor lighting. I realized over the last year I had lost a few clients who had mentioned rosacea.
None of the doctors helped.
I had to search on my own. Found this site, did research and ordered the products. They are working.
It has not been a magic bullet/pill as we are conditioned to reach for. No it is a process.
I have had significant breakouts starting the protocol applications. It makes sense that these little bastards live inside your skin pores, hair follicles and sebaceous glands. When they start dying off, they release toxins and it causes flare ups as your body responds to clean it up as usual/normally it does with any foreign invader. I found that Benadryl helps with itching, redness during this time.
It may look like its getting worse, but there is a battle going on and after its over the skin looks good, healthy. We must remember, these creatures live on everyone all the time. Its just when we are on one our health downswings that happens in the cycle of life that they can become problematic.
I have a immune compromised system. I lost my Spleen at 14 yrs of age and it is the most important organ in fighting infections. Stress also plays large role in immune system challenges as does nutrition and environment (toxins, EMF’s, radiation, air quality).
We are also not educated or informed on what is going on in the world as far as health issues we daily encounter and the parasites we are exposed to on a daily basis. Take a look at the USA, website.
They estimate that between 40-60% of North American population is infected by intestinal parasites and don’t even know it! Not me we all say to ourselves! It’s the other guy.
Inflammation is rampant and causing so many dysfunctions that are being treated with drugs- anti inflammatory, steroids and the like that do nothing for the underlying problem, just mask the issues as the internal body degrades and a long healthy life is no longer available.
Don’t eat sushi, undercooked meats/foods. Wash all produce in high alkaline water and soap. Why? Pesticides are on most all food, especially produce. It is sprayed using a carrier that is petroleum based and regular water and soap does almost nothing to break down the petroleum. This junk in your body further compromises your ability to have a strong immune system and detoxification process further leading to the body not able to defend against insults, threats.
Let’s all go run/jog along the major roads, freeways and get healthy! NOT..

I want to share that I also market energetic wellness and nutritional products that have dramatic results in people with chronic pain, health challenges and I have seen results that would blow people’s minds with animals, people, children and plants.
We have a water system that also energizes the water along with creating filtered alkaline water to use for drinking and cleaning.
None of my products have done what Demodex Solutions products have accomplished for me!!
There are times we need to face what is already present, do our best to eradicate it and then support our body so it can fight these constant threats we face.


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