Is it safe???

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Is it safe???

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Hi! I'm new to this forum and would like to ask a question about safety of using the products available on Demodex Solutions site. I registered on that site also and made an order a few days ago. What interests me among others things is the content of Metronidazole in the XFML cream. I thought it was just a kind of medicated cosmetics as described, but recently I figured out that it is three times as much of it as in a product used commonly in my country to treat Demodex related skin problems. Of course such amount seems to be insufficient (unfortunately), which made me look for some more effective solutions. I would also like to know what is your recommendation as for UV exposition in this case. The same about The Zhongzhou Zinc ointment.

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Re: Is it safe???

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Probably you can consult with the physician with regards to the product you have selected, he can assist you nicely on what you actually required.
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