Could it be demodex ? [pictures]

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Could it be demodex ? [pictures]

Post by romanos »

Hi, i have red spots on all of my legs, i'am wondering if could it be demodex.
They are itching and getting worse at night or after hot shower. I also have keratosis pilaris on my arms. Sometimes after hot shower this spots shows on different parts of my body, for example on my chest, but after a while they disappear.

Here are the pictures: ... 003af4.jpg ... 011ul4.jpg ... 004rl9.jpg

Thanks for responses romanos.
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Re: Could it be demodex ? [pictures]

Post by jeanine »

This pisses me off because I have the same thing. I have no idea if it is demodex and it itches like crazy. Use all the demodex solutions products religiously because they will definitely help you. Their products are the BEST for alleviating what you are experiencing. Then email the CDC and send them your pictures along with ALL of your symptoms. There is something invading the US and I don't believe it is just demodex mites. The more they are aware the more they will find the cause.


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