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Hi there,I just want to introduce myself here and give a brief explanation of how I came to this site.
I have been searching for relief from what I believe is a parasite,fungus or Something.About 10 yrs. ago I had what appeared to be pimples,just a couple on my chin and nose.Unlike others these zits refused to clear up.Using my blackhead extactor I poped them and then mounted the junk on a slide to view.Holly Dinah,what i saw magnified freaked me out.I then took the tweezers and pulled the hair that was in the center of the zits and viewed that.
The next day I was in a dermatologists office.Lets just say that didnt go the way I thought it would.To make a long one short,I saw within a period of a yr.or so 5 Drs.The common thread between them all was that not one DR.looked directly at my skin.From across the room they would stand up and say"cystic acne."A course of Accutane,antibiotics,steroids you name it,I was prescribed it.My skin stayed the same.
I remember so clearly before one appt.I was so hopeful.I had rehearsed what I would say and off I went.I had taken my friends athletes foot powder and had dabbed some on each zit as it did help some.When I was in the Dr office and with her back turned to me the Dr.said "adult acne and what is that on your face?"When I told her she says like a clearly disappointed parent "for Gods sake wipe that crap off before you leave here."I was absolutely crushed.I told her she hadnt even looked at me,and if she had she would see that there was something else in there.I grabbed the tweezers i had brought and just lightly tugged at this long blondish sideburns that were new on my face.See when you just tugged at it you could then see it was this sticky shit not real hair.
She paused long enough for me to know she missed something but she then said"Im only half responsible."She never explained what she meant by that,nothing!So I went to the desk to pay another $100.00
These frigging Drs.have made me feel like I'm a crazy person.I'm treated like some low life speed freak who thinks they have bugs!
Well we all know how this crap progresses.Today my eyebrows dont look like the hair is even alive,my skin is covered with this super fine almost angel hair like sticky filament.Every hair on my face is the same texture(thick and stout) and color white transparent.
I have started Tee Tree Oil and will get some products here.
Thanks for reading this and bless this site.
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