Son went to doctor today: QUESTION!

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Son went to doctor today: QUESTION!

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Well, just in one day my son broke out all over his body again! Today, the doctor said that it's a fungus on the skin. His dad FORGOT to ask the doctor to do a skin scrap! (I didn't take him!) I am going to buy a microscope tonight! I am going to take pictures of my son; it's unbelievable! I have to buy him vit C that he will take: he hates chewables: and I am going to force him to take the B-complex. He is with his dad, and they are going to Pensacola beach for a week /next week. There is a whole other issue with Sand Fleas at Florida beaches; lived there, I know! So, his body is shot right now immune system speaking. Again. He looked like this about same time last year! He is washing his sheets daily now starting this weekend. So, his dad said. He does use the soap from here, sulfar soap and the xx cream nightly. Face only for cream.

****So, what do you all think about what a doctor said? "No way could it be mites." per Doctor: again. And his dad forgot to ask for skin scraping. I am going to go get a cheap microscope. Any suggestions where?*** Doctor said get cream for athletes foot and mix with cortozone cream use for 14 days 3 times a day! And she gave him a shot of cortozone. My son has had those shots at least once a year now for the last 4 years! BECAUSE OF THESE OUTBREAKS!

I went on internet and looked up Fungus of the skin; and it doesnt look or sound like what he has at all! :shock: What is up with doctors!? :?:
He has outbreak of rashes EVERYWHERE again! Last time they said it was "poision ivy" and that is what they have been saying since 2004. I don't believe them! Looks like scabies or some kind of mite bites every where 2 me! He was swimming all weekend in a salt water pool. Which that is when he had the out breaks all last summer when He swam that salt pool all summer. I have my own thoughts on that. Like when you start killing anything under the skin; it gets worse looking before it gets better looking!

My daughter has an out break on the back of her legs and behind her knees only Right Now. They said Eczema. She has had since birth on and off. She hasn't had out break in a few years, and now has had for a month. I have been using the soap on her from her and putting really good lotion on her legs. Scabie cream didn't do anything to improve the situation last month. Worse now. (her face has mild pimples, and she uses the zz cream and the daily cream for two months now from here; regular T zone problems, including forehead /hairline tiny white bumps. She is going to start using the shampoo to night.

This is why I am getting a microscope tonight. Any comments on my son's doctor's visit today? :roll:
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