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After years of struggling with some sort of parasite on my body and home, i finally found a cheap and safe solution to curing Demotox mites.
And yes, i to had all the symptoms you all have been experiencing. from the black marks on ankles, white and color and going things coming out my pours, to web feeling on my face, some hard tiny balls on my body. and lots of sleepiness nights. To cut a long story short, i have a cheap safe and notso tiresome way to cure you ,your family and home of this irritation.
You need to stock up on a few products
1) find a local soap manufacturer and buy soap grade borax (5 or 10 kg cheep $10 for 10kg)
2)Neem Oil. Contact local pharmacy or essential oil supplier Must get Neem oil ($5 for 100ml Neem oil)
3)Neem oral tables ( Himalaya 60 capsules $5 )
4)Spice shop get turmeric
5) local hardware get two spray containers

Neem(from Neem tree google)
Parasite cannot survive Neem. This is the best product (Neem Oil) you can ever use on your skin .Google benefits.
Believe me this is the fountain of youth product. Use Neem oil only on your skin do not digest.

Neem capsule (Detox your system Himalaya product is widely used and available)

Borax kills these mites(mix borax to water and fill the spray containers and mix into bath water and soak yourself)

Turmeric is a wonder spice that helps repair your skin and kills parasites.

This is how i went about curing my infestation

Neem capsules
I took Neem capsules Two capsule twice a day after meals for first month
then took only two capsules daily for three months
Neem capsules cleans your systems and purifies your blood. when Neem is in your system and blood stream. Parasites will not survive. they will be actively leaving your skin.

Neem oil (smells bad)
I applied it on to my skin, Most times 100%
other time i used a carrier oil, olive or coconut oil. mix has you can stomach the smell(please google benefits)

Borax(kills this mites immediately)
1) Mixed with my washing power 1 part borax 2 parts washing power
whenever my clothing was been washed , was with this mixture.

2)Added 1 cup borax to my bath water and soaked myself once a week.(bath with either Borax, turmeric, Neem oil also tee tree(do not like tee tree oil on my skin it dry my skin but it kill these mites can use or not Neem better),One or all mixed together)
3)Diluted Borax into water and filled my two bottle spray cans
and sprayed whenever and how ever onto my couches and bed even onto my inside of my clothing before using
before going to bed ,sprayed onto myself and bed ,slept well all nigth.in morning sprayed my bed and pillow.
The borax spray is or immediate relief also carrie a bottle spray(spray on to yourself whenever you feel any irritation and will give you instant relief
Remember Neem and neem oil will cure acne and other skin problems, will repaired all damaged on your skin.

This is how i cured myself and home.
I am one year free of these mites.

Please pass this around for any skin or parasite problem (Neem Best product ever)
Please all don’t thank me at once.
God Bless
Trust me Neem and Borax will cure you.
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