THE SOLUTION to my lifelong issues!!!

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THE SOLUTION to my lifelong issues!!!

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I can think back to puberty when I started to get acne. I had it on my face and back and would get cysts behind my ears and small bumps on my head that itched. Over the years I tried everything from dermatologists who I begged to take skin samples, but just brushed me off. It would get better in the summer (I live in Michigan where we spend 9 months of the year fairly covered up and not exposed to the sun) when I spent a lot of time outside in the sun, or when I used a tanning bed (uv rays).
Over time I lost faith in what western medicine could offer me, and let's be honest, almost everyone else for their dis-eases. So I started trying natural things, seeing acupuncturists, reiki, essential oils, diet changes, herbs, oil washing...everything.
Things only got worse and so much so that it was causing much more problems system wide than just it being unsightly acne. This itches and hardens and swells and hurts. Sores on your face and body that aren't healing. My eyelid or earlobe or lip would swell overnight for seemingly no reason. My yoni would itch unrelentlessly, but doctors would tell me there was an elevation of bacteria but none associated with STIs, something I now attribute to the bacteria of the mites. I was very sun sensitive as well, something that I attributed to a change in me after being pregnant and nursing, but that I now realize was that the uv and heat was so irritating to all the mites inhabiting my body that it was overrunning my system. Eventually I started to get hives, worse and worse, whole limbs and torso covered in big wheels. At first, it started as a big episode, I went to the ER, I was swelling so much. They were of no help, had no answers. So other specialists and alternative healers, with theories but nothing helped. They went away and a few months would pass, and I'd have another episode. These weren't quite as bad but they lingered for much longer. They began to last for months. Taking showers, exercising, anything that heated me up would cause the hives to get terrible. I also was even getting a fever during some episodes, something I'm attributing to the bursting of some bacterial filled cysts, after receiving a massage, causing an infection, as well as overgrowth in my gut messing with bacterial harmony there as well.
I was going crazy. I was in the same house, using the same products as everyone else, but they didn't have this (but looking back they do! I'm just much more sensitive and was much more infested). Was it bed bugs? Was it an autoimmune disorder? Was it an allergy? Scabies? Was it my womanly cycle setting hormone levels awry (because it would cycle, worse and slightly improved)? Was it because I picked at my skin that bothered me so much and I spread the infection? Skin cancer? Diabetes? Rare vascular disorders? Was it all just from stress because I was really stressed at this point? I was using peppermint oil and calamine lotion in huge amounts, trying acupuncture, on the paleo diet, taking any herb that is anti-inflammatory and blood clearing and saw enough relief I could sleep but nothing was really helping.
I took an oral antibiotic about 18 months ago, for the first time in about 12 years. For about 3 weeks, things cleared up quite a bit. I was ecstatic. But slowly it came back, got worse. My daughter was also showing signs at this point. She always had had some cases of eczema, that I attributed to a dairy intolerance, and had cradle cap as a baby. I would attribute some red bumps as bug bites. Her father, when I met him ten years ago, had beautiful clear skin, and while his skin wasn't terrible, was getting cloudier and ruddier and had more blemishes all over. Both, looking back, obviously also beginning demodex infestations. I can see other signs from way back myself. I was always reprimanded for picking my nose, but it always was itching!
A few months passed after the antibiotic and I had another urticaria episode and was getting these sores that were not healing. I went to my doctor. Gave me cortisone. I was reluctant. I knew that this just masks the issue. Ahh but sweet jesus, my hives went away and I could sleep and not be so irritated! I had to have more!! But he wouldn't prescribe more, said I should see a specialist. My daughter appeared to chickenpox at this time (had a fever and raised red fluid filled spots) but they never crusted over and we knew no one with chickenpox. Looking back the demodex were getting worse on her, and eventually led to her appearing to have scabies. If she had scabies, I had scabies. Was this scabies the whole time? The doctor was saying it was scabies now after I'd seen him three times in three months. Eventually we got the permethrin and my world changed. That was last December 2014.
The permethrin rocked my world. With just one treatment so much cleared up, but if it were scabies, the scabies should've been virtually gone. We did a second treatment, but were still getting spots. Either this was pesticide-resistant scabies or something else. I had remembered hearing that there was evidence mites were causing rosacea so I looked into it. When I discovered information on the demodex mite, my mind was blown. This was definitely what was scourging me. How and why is this not common knowledge? How is our vet diagnosing mange and mites but our human doctors will say anything but, will sell us products up the wazoo that will never work, never take skin samples, don't do research, don't think for themselves and only believe their exclusive journals. I started to use borax internally and externally, using tea tree oil in high doses, sulfur, anything that wasn't permethrin. It was sort of helping but not like the permethrin. I spot used the permethrin on anything I saw and continued to do full body doses about once a week for three months. I could feel my tongue change when I used it and knew I had to find a better alternative. Letting the mites take over again was not an option.
I discovered DemodexSolutions about six weeks ago. The information was spot on and helped me overcome my skeptism that I was going to be swindled buying from China, or that this was just like every other product, and wouldn't work. It came in four days, as promised. Amazing! The zz cream was cooling and soothing and made a difference overnight. The fumanling cream stripped my skin a little, making it peel slightly the first few times, but doesn't do that anymore. My skin now has balance moisture once again. Before my skin was oily but never seemed hydrated or nourished, the mites were stealing that good stuff. Big old, deeply buried nests, have come to surface and healed up. Only little spots in concentrated areas are popping up anymore. When I seemed to be running low, as I was spot treating my entire body with these creams, I decided to order more, get the bar body soap, the lotion, and the likangshuang cream, as well as the zz and fumanling cream. The first face creams ended up lasting a full month. I wish I could have vats of this stuff! Spots disappear within a day, three at most, whereas some of these would've last a month or more before healing up.
I can't tell you how amazing it is to see what the demodex has done to my body over 15 years and what can happen in 6 months since attempting demodex removal and the 6 weeks since using these products. I am so grateful for the cool feeling that sweeps my back, the way my tshirt feels on my skin, the literal weight lifted off of me. I knew it was bad, but I had no idea how much suffering I was doing. I wish these products could be on the shelves of every drug store in the country. I tell everyone about it. I see the demodex's effects on so many people now every where I go. I am so grateful for the vast information the internet can provide and that I was able to finally find the solutions to my problems. I don't believe that my immune system is weak and therefore more susceptible to the mite. I believe my immune system is very sensitive and powerful and probably overdoes a reaction to their invasion of my body. I feel so healthy now, as if resources have been freed up, to help maximize my vitality.
Like many other testimonials, I hated having my face documented up close. It looked so disgusting and nasty. I can't find my pictures from last year during my episode. When I got my Demodex Solutions products, I took my picture with my cell phone to document my progress, but I lost my phone in a kayaking incident a couple weeks ago. My skin isn't perfect yet, but my pores have shrunk immensely, my skin is peeling less and less, the redness is turning into true skin color, the red scars are fading, no major new outbreaks are occurring, my hives haven't returned, I can hang out in the sun, and I can see the actual possibility of having skin like I've coveted in others for years, not just accepting my fate of a blemished body. Demodex Solutions didn't just give me my skin back, but my sanity! I am so grateful! This information, this company, these products are legitimate and effective!!!
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