Better than any U.S. so-called acne treatments- try it

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Better than any U.S. so-called acne treatments- try it

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This testimonial is long overdue. I ordered the Zhongzhou Zinc oxide and sublimed sulfur ointment and the Xin Fumanling Cream shortly after visiting my dermatolgist. I honestly don't know what I had. I was a cystic acne sufferer all through my 20's and 30's. Then I had a blissful period of great skin. Recently, at age 54, I started to breakout badly with tiny white heads that were in the center of HUGE cystic lesions. And boy did my face itch. I have an allergy to whey which can also exacerbate acne if consumed in large quantities, but I had not had any in months. The other variable was I had used Viviscal to help my thinning hair. Come to find out that it had seafood in it, which is the kiss of death for cystic acne. Still my dermatologist did not attribute my condition to that either. He prescribed Aczone, the new wonder ointment being heavily advertised, and let me tell you, it not only did nothing, it aggravated my already red, inflamed skin. Desparate I googled 'itchy acne' and found this website.

Coincidentally or not, I have come to realize that I developed this skin condition after giving my dog a bath. She doesn't have mange, but I thought what the heck, I'll try it. The FIRST night I used the Zhongzhou ointment I woke up to smaller cysts and a calmer face.....a lot less red.
Since then I've ordered the acarid face wash and Cosmetic version of the Xin Fumanling Cream. I am ECSTATIC! My skin looks even better than before this whole ordeal began.

My regimen was to use the Zhongzhou at night and the Xin Fumanling during the day.
Eventually I switched to just the Xin Fumanling at night and used the cosmetic version of the same, during the day.

I wasn't impressed with the Fulio Acne cream. The scent was too strong. But my point in this long story is to say DON'T HESITATE to order! This website saved my face, and took me out of my seclusion from facing the public. And they ship SO FAST. :D
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