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Products Expiry Dates

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Hello, Walter and Julia!

First, I wanted to thank you! I have received my order in three days.
Second, I have a question regarding the expiry dates of some products.
Actually, it's been my third order since 2010. And it is still confusing.
1. Eyelash cream, 2% metronidazol. I received it on May 15, 2013. The packaging does not indicate any production date. It is only saying the cream expires in October 2013. What is an actual shelf-life? How many months?
2. Shampoo, Body Wash and Body Lotion always go in similar plastic bottles. But production and expire dates on them are indicated in different ways, which make it hard to figure out the end date.
- Lotion. it says "best if used within 2 years of purchase date". Date of production not indicated.
- Body Wash bottle says "3 years from date of manufacture ". And there are numbers lower on a bottle (20080620 and 20080618 as I have two bottles). Are these numbers the dates of production? If "yes", then it means the body wash is already expired. If these are just serial numbers, then there are no manufacture dates. How to calculate the end date?
- Shampoo. No idications at all! For how many years it can be used? production and expiry dates?

I will be gratefull if you could clarify me on the abovementioned as I do not use all the stuff right away but use it from time to time when the need comes. This is why I store them for over a year or two or even longer.

And one more touch)) Just as an update for other site users)
In your shipping section on your website you say there is no EMS in Ukraine. Now EMS is available in Ukraine.

Thank you very much!


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