Demodex Eggs...

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Demodex Eggs...

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I have read a few studies about how clove oil can kill mite eggs.
And I came across a poster who talked about clove oil + anise oil to kill mite eggs.

....i might try it.

if you go to page 3, the poster is AHA. ... QTDFG4E/p3

i know they are talking about sarcoptic, but the poster says it would work for most mite eggs.

"The egg encasing the larva hatchling can be penetrated by anise oil as soon as hatchling emerges. Also anis and clove oil weaken the egg casing. The test as done in patent trial was to put clove oil on egg and larva and see death and dissolution of larva. Clove is known to kill ecto and edo parasites eggs historically. So we are not re-inventing the wheel here.
The subcutaneous dermal penetrant level is what you are refering, to for application, this is understandable and the challenge. Since blood sometimes does not reach this dermal stratum and topicals may not penetrate unless prepped.
This is how I prepped my skin, I do NOT reccomend others do skin scraping as I did unless they are trained in dermal scraping technique.
Take hot hot showers and steams to OPEN PORES, apply anise coconut clove oil mixture while still in shower or steam, WITHIN TWO MINUTES, of showering, BEFORE pores to subcutaneous dermal level close. Do NOT towel dry, SLAP DRY skin, as this brings iver/strom in bloodstream to skin surface.
Using a scalpel, after OILING SKIN with baby oil or anise coconut oil oil I scraped skin to BEFORE point of drawing blood, of egg infested areas. The anise oil and clove oil make the larva deranged and clove effects the egg casing.

Entomologists and dermatologists get a skin scraping to view scabies eggs, egg casings, larva, and mite waste debris. So scraping the mites off in GENTLE skin scrapeings worked for me. One woman here used Freemans peel off beauty masks to get same mite and larva removal effect but on topical level.

A louse egg and a mite egg and a sarcoptic egg are similar in encasment, like a chicken egg, duck egg or quail egg, clove penetrsates the egg casing and anise deranges the larva.

I have thin skin so penetration was easier, thick skinned people should look into DMSO as a skin penetrant. Penetrants are not a problem, look at nicotine patches, they penetrate all skin layers and deliver nicotine to the blood stream.

If you want to cure scabies plague infection you better become your own best diagnostician, barber, surgeon, dermatologist, entomologist, house cleaner, hazmat suit wearing decontaminator, clutter clearer, detox expert, dietician and phernome expert.
Best Wishes. "
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