Are These The Right Products For Me?

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Are These The Right Products For Me?

Post by distraughtinFL »

This infestation is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t know what I did to deserve this. I have never thought about suicide before, but this situation has me contemplating it. I can’t live like this. And I haven’t told my husband about it because I think he would totally freak out. I just pray he doesn’t get it.

The problem started as blepharitis last summer and has since spread.

It’s in my nose, ears, eyelashes, eyebrows and scalp. I started using tea tree oil, but they seem resistant to that. I even use a little borax as a scrub in a base of tea tree shampoo or face wash.

I can literally feel them crawling in my nose and I think that is the worst of all. I am so clean to the point of being obsessive. Now I go through about 80 Lysol wipes a day, constant use of hand sanitizer to try not to spread it.

I spent $300 on various DS products, started using them over the weekend, and today the itching was worse than ever with no let up.

Here’s what I bought. Are they the right products? Can I use any of these in my nose, where the feeling is the worst? What about inside the ears?

DS Shampoo

Metronidazole 3%

ZZ ointment

Acarid removing soap.

This disease has become all consuming and I don’t have any peace anymore. Please help.

Thank you.
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Re: Are These The Right Products For Me?

Post by Walter »


The products you bought are ok but if the itch is still so bad
don’t use the Fumanling cream for a while, only the Zhongzhou ointment
and see if it gets better, Metronidazole can give a very itchy feeling with some persons.
Let us know

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