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From Rachel 2

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I've been treating with Z Cream since 2005 after developing rosacea in 1999. I treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs (not Z Cream) between 2000 and 2004, and the condition didn't get better or clear, but fortunately it didn't get any worse either. I was introduced to Z Cream through Brady at the Rosacea forum. Four months' application of Z Cream in combination with a change in diet cleared my skin from the rosacea. it took another year of eating well to truly heal my skin completely. I ate lots of vegetables, good protein (chicken and turkey. Until my skin fully healed, beef caused my face to flush), and lots of good fats (olive oil, butter, raw nuts and seeds), and cutting out ALL forms of sugar, sugar alcohols, and sugar substitutes. I also reduced having bread and fruit for the time of treating with the Z Cream and gradually added fruits and bread back in. I realize that changing the diet is pretty radical, but I was desperate!

I've had a few rosacea flareups in October 2008, May 2010, and June 2011, and the Z Cream healed my skin completely within a month to a few weeks, every time. The original rosacea condition covered both sides of my face and my forehead. The October 2008 flareup was only on one side on my cheek. The 2010 and 2011 flare ups were also only on one side, and covered much smaller areas each time.

Someone asked if there were "hideous" itchy phases. Yes. I used an ice cube on the facial area until the Z Cream would resolve the itching. Usually 3 doses of Z Cream (morning and evening) took care of the itching, or reduced the itching enough that I could live with it until the itching went away completely. Scratching only made it worse! So, don't scratch!

Another person asked if I had burning and stinging. Yes, but only on those areas where I used the Z Cream where there WASN'T any rosacea. I found out that itchy skin doesn't always mean it's the demodex mites. I had to use another Chinese herbal cream for the non-rosacea itching.

You do have to be diligent in using the Z Cream morning and evening as directed for 3 months for the one kind of mites, and an additional month (total 4 months) for the other kind of mite. On the lesser flare-ups, I initially used the Z Cream morning and evening for several weeks, and then found I could do well enough just applying the Z Cream at night. The night dose is the most critical because that's when the mites are active.

I made sure when I was treating with the Z Cream during the initial treatment and the 3 flareups that I only used a cotton ball with water on my face. I stopped using all other products, and stopped wearing makeup until my face cleared. Today, I only wear mascara. I don't put any other makeup on my face. I'm blessed with very good clear skin now, which is amazing. People look at my before and after pictures and are amazed to see "where I've been."

I'll try and be more active on this Forum. If you have questions, PLEASE ask me. I remember all too well how disheartened I felt while my face was so "torn up." I'd look at people with clear skin and be so envious.

The Z Cream, at least for me (in combination with a good nourishing diet), was truly miraculous. I'm grateful I didn't have to go through laser treatments or use medication. I would have if the Z Cream didn't work. But fortunately, it did work and actually far exceeded my expectations. Today, I give the Z Cream to my acupuncture patients to try. The ones who have used it tell me it acts on their faces very quickly.
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