"Mitey" Infestation

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"Mitey" Infestation

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I decided to join the Forum to be a source of encouragement for those who may be experiencing a demodex infestation, not only of your face, but body as well. I fortunately had never suffered from acne or rosacea as a teenager, or as an adult. I’ve always been blessed with a creamy complexion well into middle age. My horrible nightmare began over 3 months ago after my family visited a water park, and was exposed to not only scabies, but demodex mites as well. My whole family was treated with permethrin for the scabies, even though my children did not have the itching and bite marks like my husband and me. My husband and me ended up being treated with 2 cycles each of Permethrin and Ivermectin, which both medications have potential neurotoxic side effects. I’ve been a healthcare professional for almost 30 years, and have a pharmacy background, so I’m well aware of the risks. Fortunately for my husband, his symptoms were not as severe as mine. My immune system was extremely comprised at the time of the water park visit, due to stress from a new job, exhaustion, and some personal losses in our family, as well as the sudden, unexpected death of our pediatrician. So, my poor weak body was the perfect host to these most miserable of mites.

Even after assaulting our bodies with these poisons, the crawling, itching and biting not only continued, but also got worse. I started doing some research on the web, and visited 3 different dermatologists, who aggorantly and ignorantly dismissed the fact that a person could be infected with this “normally” occurring mite on everyone’s skin, and refused to do any skin scrapes. I was more than thankful to find the Demodex Solutions site. After reading the symptoms on the FAQ page, I knew what my husband and me were afflicted with, and ordered the skin creams immediately. I also began to take vitamins and supplements to boost my immune system. At the point the mites began to become hyperactive, due to the treatment, they would hitch and migrate to other areas of the body, including the neck, chest, back, legs, and especially biting and stinging in the feet. I also had them in my eyelashes, hair, around my mouth, and in my nose. I was so miserable, death would have been a welcome relief, but I have a strong Christian faith, and I knew the Lord would bring me through with much prayer, persistence, and treatment.

At some points in the treatment my face would turn bright red and peel, as the mites would continue to surface as whiteheads, and remember I was never an acne sufferer. At the height of the misery, I had many sleepless nights of continual showers and baths. My system would also have an allergic reaction to the mites, and the itching and stinging would become unbearable to the point that I would have days that I was completely exhausted and debilitated. I would have to take large doses of Benadryl to suppress the histamine reaction that was raging in my body. It was definitely an allergic reaction in overdrive. Fortunately for my husband again, he immune system was stronger, and the mites did not affect him as profoundly. Enough of the hellish nightmare……

Fast-forward 3 months: I just went to my optometrist this past week (the only physician compassionate during this whole ordeal), and she indicated the bases of my lashes are continuing to heal, and my eyesight is getting better. I continue to use the Metronidazole 2% eye gel from Demodex Solutions and use an antibiotic/steroidal eye drop from my optometrist to prevent ocular infection. My skin continues to peel and heal, and the mite activity is still there, but slight at best. Some days are better that others, but I am definitely on the mend, thank you Lord,,,,,, :D The following things I have found in conjunction with the Demodex Solutions creams (I’ve used both the Fumanling and ZZ creams) work to eliminate the mites from my face, and the following for my body:

Seabuckthorn Oil Soaps
- through much research, the Chinese again (in their timeless wisdom) know the healing properties of these nutrient-packed berries. This bright-colored little berry grows in Siberia , as well as some regions in China. It is packed with 7 omega oils (more than fish oil,), phytonutrients, strong immune booster, and research shows it has a high affinity against both types of the demodex mites. The demodex mites hate the stuff and it kills them off…. I have purchased both soaps and shampoos, which contain Seabuckthorn. Also, the pure seed and berry oils can be ingested, again the Chinese are the only ones on a daily basis that ingest these healthy oils. You have to make sure to purchase from a reputable supplier to obtain a certified, pure organic type, which is not diluted down. I currently take ½ teaspoonful of the seed oil in the morning and evening, which causes the mites and any other toxins to come to the surface of the skin to treat with the soaps and creams. It is much more effective than Ivermectin ever was, and I have no side effects, since is herbal………

One other great herb for anti-itching is Calendula. Both my husband and me have used the Calendula creams and lotions on our bodies after showering and bathing . I purchase them from a local herbal shop, and they have helped with the itching and irritation on the body. I continue to use the Fumanling cream in the a.m., and the ZZ cream in the evening on my face, as well.

I thank the Lord daily that he in his grace and mercy, directed my steps to the Demodex Solutions site for education and treatment of this horrible affliction, as well as the use of these other herbs that He has created. He chooses to heal, but sometimes it does not happen as quickly, as we would like. Thorough much prayer and persistence, healing can and will come….. I have always been a firm believer that whatever we encounter in life, suffering included, has a higher purpose…..if for no other reason to encourage one another…….. may you be encouraged today, and may the Lord bless you also as you heal……….
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Re: "Mitey" Infestation

Post by Walter »

Thank you for making the time writing your experiences and
wish you a speedy recovery.

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Re: "Mitey" Infestation -- S. TX doctor wanted

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Wondering how author of "mitey" infestation is doing now?

I am going to second dermatologist tomorrow; 6th doctor. Suffer from classic demodex mite plus all-over biting, stinging....2 months now. Am going to push for microscope and eyelash tests; also looks like I have rosacea.

Am going to order Demodex products very soon. I wish to find a TX-based doctor, preferably S. Texas, who works with these fine products and/or understands condition and will help me monitor use of products and recovery. Western or Eastern medicine; don't care. Just need a qualified medical professional !!
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Re: "Mitey" Infestation -- Seek South Texas doc to see me !

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Well, sad day today. Went to second dermatologist in 2 months; this one about 30 yrs. old working at major university teaching hospital. Told me I definitely had rosacea. I asked about dem. mites; and she said it was not true that those mites had anything to do with rosacea. Hmmm. I asked her to look at my scalp, forehead, inside ears/nose. She looked all over my body quickly, then said she didn't find any "worms" and that I didn't have anything. Thought other doc right to say DOP; all in my head this nightly horror that begins at 8 p.m. aggressively.

She admitted it was strange that these symptoms increase at night "just as with scabies," but then said I had no "worms" or "mites" as what I had been doing using sulfur shampoos/body wash should have killed them by now. And there was nothing to scrape. Hmmm. Sjhe said everyone had Dem. mites; so finding some wouldn't prove anything. And "stay off the Internet" she said. I told her if it weren't for internet I would not have discovered powders and lotions and shampoos and Epsom salt baths which give me relief! All I have is a histamine product to take daily to tone down the itchiness.

So she gave me antibotics for my rosacea; said I was to take daily "probably indefinitely." Another hmmmmm.
Will not be taking those; I know that due to this forum and others like it, thank goodness.

:wink: I am now back to square one--but DO have rosacea diagnosis. I now need to find a doctor in San Antonio, Austin, Houston or Dallas (I am in SATX) who believes Dem. mites can cause rosacea--and who can TEST me for large load to prove mine is caused by these mites.

Then, perhaps I'll find out that my FULL-BODY infestation is from Dem. mites, and I can order Demodex Solutions to eradicate.

Thanks to ANYONE who can give me recommendation for doctor who can help in South Texas!!!
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