Which is the best treatment to use on body?

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Which is the best treatment to use on body?

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I have been using the recommended products (cream morning, ZZ at night) for 4 months and now the mites have migrated to my chest back and arms. What's best treatment for body. I still need to use daily on face or they come back. Thee jars are very small and don't really seem to go far on the body. Please help.
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Re: Which is the best treatment to use on body?

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First of all, demodex mites doesn’t migrate using our products, what really happens is that those mites where already on those places but without symptoms.
by means of your hands, pillow and sheets while sleeping, the ointment will come also on those other places and killing mites,
this can create infections and that’s why you think they migrate.
Most people are using too much ointment, this is really not necessary, you just need use a tiny bit on those other places and the
a jar can last much longer.
You can try our body wash but the ZZ ointment is still the strongest and best working.
Do you use our soap?

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