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Re: acne treatments/acne solutions

Post by MishL »

Are you claiming that your product eradicates demodex mites?

My symptoms are certainly nothing like the typical acne symptoms. I do not have oily skin or pimples or 'pustules' of any kind. I have itchy skin which then manifests itself into small red bumps on my chest or shoulders or arms (previously my face, however no longer is the case since using the Demodex solutions treatments). I am wondering if you just think we have acne here or if you really appreciate the problem we are facing; and if you have a solution.
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Re: acne treatments/acne solutions

Post by Walter »

Yes of course our products eliminates demodex, mites but this doesn’t mean we can solve all skin problems,
not all skin problems are caused because of demodex mites, that would be easy.
We cannot know for which kind of skin problems our products are used unless one explains it in detail.
You write yourself that the problems on your face are gone after using our products, this means that
whatever the reason is our products are helping right?
So why you don’t try to use also on your back and chest?
On the other hand, demodex mites causing problems on the arms is very seldom, chest and back yes.

We can advice if somebody tells us their skin problems but the final decision to use
our products lies with the buyer, I think this is nothing more the reasonable isn’t it?

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