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From Aira

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Dear Demodex Solutions,

I tried to post the following to your forum, but I couldn't get the image to attach, so I'm just going to email you instead.

Thank you,

I have attached a before and after photo. The before photo (right) shows my skin in March 2012.
The red bumps were very painful pus filled cysts that I could not entirely cover with makeup and that hurt if touched. People would comment on my bad skin and it made me self conscious and humiliated. I was told I just needed to "wash my face." Between the ages of 23 and 29, I had tried that and just about everything else (except oral medications which I refused due to the likely side effects). In 2010, I had been prescribed tretinoin (retin-A) by a dermatologist. I used it faithfully for a year --the cysts never went away and my skin became so red and inflamed that I felt like I had a sunburn all the time. My derm said he had "seen worse" and that I "looked just fine." I lost faith in him. He acted as though my painful reddened cyst-pocked skin was just my imagination.

I feel so lucky to have found out about Demodex Solutions. My coworker suggested that I might have "acne rosacea." Though my dermatologist insisted that I didn't, I decided to try to find an over-the-counter solution based on the premise that I DID have acne rosacea. Demodex Solutions has been that cure.

In March 2012, I began using ZZ cream at night and sometimes during the day. When my skin was feeling too dry, I used a wetter, though less effective, sulfur lotion during the day only. I continued to use ZZ every night. I washed my face with Dove soap each morning and evening.

Though my skin didn't immediately improve, the kinds of blemishes I was having gradually started to change. They became less deep into the epidermis and in different locations than before. This was a heartening change -- any change that wasn't bad was good in my view. And my skin didn't feel burned as it had with retin-A.

After a few months, I decided to start using XFML during the day and ZZ at night. I also bought a home micro-dermabrasion kit from Neutrogena to help remove my dry skin flakes. I've always had very dry flaky skin, even though I had pus filled blemishes. I use the micro-dermabrasion set every other to every third day. I also began to use acarid removing soap instead of Dove for face washing.

I have photos to document this whole process from March to the present, but I'll refrain from posting those unless someone requests them.

In the last month, I have become very excited that my scars are starting to fade and the frequency, size, pain level, and type of blemishes has been steadily decreasing. They are almost all gone now.

People are starting to treat me better too. My colleagues spontaneously touch me on the arm. People smile at me more. It's miraculous. I don't have to wear nearly as much makeup as before and maybe one day I won't have any scars to hide.

Thank you so much. I'm truly grateful for your products. I'm going to keep using them and keep marveling at the improvement.

p.s. ZZ ointment is also an effective treatment for my husband's seborrheic dermatitis which he has on his nose near where his glasses rest.

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Re: From Aira

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That is awesome, Aira!! Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures too. I'm very happy for you. You give us all hope! You wouldn't think people would treat you the way they did, but I'm glad things have changed in that arena too. I hope my results will be just as good. I'm almost on week three. Congratulations!

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