Finally -Acne is almost GONE!

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Finally -Acne is almost GONE!

Post by KathyE »

My skin began to erupt SEVERELY again last year in March 2011 (In previous years I've taken Accutane on 3 separate occasions:10, 5 and 7 yrs apart) ***THIS TIME I went through a series of visits to the Dermatologist for RX and hydrocortisone shots into cystic areas. I ate ONLY Organic foods, drank Apple Cider Vinegar and used it as a astrigent on my skin, I dissolved 2 tabs of Airborne in water (am&pm) washed with 20 Mule Team Borax, etc.. I was disgusted, I'm 50! I've been going through this since the age of 15.
I went to an accupuncturist in March 2012 in hopes that SHE could help me somehow. She was able to detect the mites by a simple excercise - she recommended that I visit the site and order the zz cream.
The first jar used my skin was a MESS! I even wrote Walter and asked him what was I doing wrong or what could I do in addtion to the cream....He was kind enough to call me and tell me to hang on and continue using the product. I listened to him and 2.5 weeks into my 2nd jar my skin began to take on its natural color with small but infrequent pimples which disappeared quickly. I am no longer developing cysts (I was getting them all around my nose area - it was crazy, one would go away and another LARGE cyst would grow and take its place nearby). Although the mites did move temporarily on the outside and behind my ears - I am STILL using the product and will continue until I feel ready to use it less frequently- maybe on the 4th or 5th jar. ***I'm still on my 2nd and cannot BELIEVE the results!!! This stuff WORKS.

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Re: Finally -Acne is almost GONE!

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Hi KathyE,
You found the reason of your skin problems! Now, recuperation is just a matter if time. Fight.
I keep crossed fingers for you.

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