Tracking my results

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Tracking my results

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I'm new to the forum, but not new to fighting demodex. I have been diagnosed with scalp psoriasis since I was 28. I'm now 42. After extensive research, I began nightly "soaks" in July and starting in August, I noticed that the "build-up" of psoriasis on my scalp started to slowly break apart - but then the real fun started. I started feeling the tickling on my face, crawling, itchy, biting of the demodex mites. I was destroying their "nest" and they were not happy. The last 2 months have been hell - major face acne with bouts of "attacks" 1-2x per day.

My current routine is a nightly soak in a Borax and salt solution, change linens, bag clothes and linens in plastic bags, apply clove oil, MSM, Metrogel to face after washing with Sea Buckthorn oil soap. I use Sea Buckthorn body lotion 2x per day as well. It sometimes seems like I'm making progress, but sometimes it doesn't. Last Friday, I ordered ZZ cream and am anxiously waiting to try it.

During this whole ordeal, I have seen a dermatologist (in OH) 2x. THe first time she tried to convince me it was "in my head" and prescribed an antibiotic for adult acne. 8 weeks later, she seemed a little more open to the fact that it could be demodex and prescribed metrogel. Last week, I asked for metronidozale in a pill format because the lotion only does so much. She agreed to call it in.

These mites are migrating from my scalp to my face and neck. They rarely go below my neck - but eventually, I'm hoping to push them down there

I'm really interested in anyone who has posted on this site who feel they have cured themselves of this mite and how long it took. I know a lot of people say they continue to use a "maintenance routine" every few days, which is fine with me. I just want to know if my acne won't completely clear up for the full 120 days, or if it will be longer. At this point I'm around day 95, but I think it's going to take longer than 120.because they certainly don't seem to thrive - not enough sebum. I have a few "entry/exit" bumps on my ankle and buttocks but I can tell that compared to the face, they do not thrive in these areas.

Can't wait to get back to a normal life!

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Re: Tracking my results

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Hi. I found quite a lot of demodex on my body other than my head. I am considering this Borax and Peroxide bath, but I'm thinking of using a spray bottle and then just spraying before bed. I am wondering if anyone had any good results, or if they noticed the mites reaction to this solution. Does this kill the mites? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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