From Mr. Reilly (e-mailed to us)

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From Mr. Reilly (e-mailed to us)

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I love these products, thanks! I have suffered so bad and for so long, since I was a teenager and I am now 45 so i suffered for a long time!
I have been using the cream in the day and nite also the shampoo 1-2 a week and the face wash! In about 4 weeks my skin us recovered completely! I am so greatful please dont ever stop selling these products! I wish you had a over all skin protector lotion! When I go shopping I always get itchy from the imported clothes! Its like something is biteing me! Yes even at high end nice stores like nordstroms! Do these mites live in cloths? Are they on dogs and cats?
Are they in water like the ocean? Or lakes ?are they in dust or sand?
Just wondered? Thx so much you have very good service! M reilly

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Re: From Mr. Reilly (e-mailed to us)

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I'm also wondering if the mites are in the clothes. They say that cotton is now full of pestisides and are Genetically modified now. They say that this is creating super bugs. I've recently ventured into buying some organic cotton clothing. It's way more expensive then normal cotton. So what i'm doing is buying less expensive organic cotton tee shirts and wearing then under my other clothes. I found a company with nice organic's called Although it's sooo expensive to buy one sweatshirt..i guess i will slowly switch over to organic. There is also a Ayurvidic that sells cheap organic clothing. I have to check the name of it...ok..just found the's called "". Cheap organic is better then pesticide cotton. I also think the mites are in the pesticide GMO cotton.

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