Finally it seems there's a light at the end of the tunnel

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Finally it seems there's a light at the end of the tunnel

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In February 2012, with 45 years and not having had any pimple in my face in my life, I started to have cyst. It became every day worse and worse, I could have more than 30 cysts on my face, staying there for one month, feeling like having chickpeas under my skin.

During this tree years I have had four different dermatologists with different diagnosis, first one was folliculitis, second one was rosacea, third one was discoid lupus and last one follicular mucinosis urticarial-like. I have been through different kinds of treatments, among them doxycycline, hydroxychloroquine and sulphones. None of this worked for me. The only thing that worked was Flagyl (Metrodinazole), but after 7 months I had to stop because my blood analysis where not as expected due to the overdose of this medicine (cannot be taken as a long-term medication). I made also the medical test of allergies and no allergies where detected.

I felt so depressed, I looked for other alternatives: homeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture and a strict diet. Nothing worked for me. Right now I just follow the diet because it improved my health. Now I’m used to have good eating habits and I don’t want to go back because I think that eating fine could help to keep my immune system in better conditions to fight against this illness.

Finally, I decided to navigate through Internet to try to find a solution. I thought that maybe I had those cysts because of any kind of bacteria, so, a solution to mitigate it would be cleaning my face accurately. I focused on soaps and tried several of them, until I found one that worked quite well for me. I realized that in the soap box was written that it fights the demodex mites. I never would have believed that we can have mites in the skin! At this point I started looking for information about demodex and finally I found the Demodex Solutions web page.

I have been using the ZZ Cream at night and the Xin Fumanling cream in the morning for 45 days and the results are beyond my expectations. I don’t know if I have demodex mites since I have not done the test, but what I can say is that these products REALLY WORKS for me, specially the ZZ cream.

Well, what can I say that is not already been said by other people in this forum? After three years of being obsessed with this illness and ashamed with my appearance, I’m starting to have a life again. I still get some pustules, mainly on my chin and along the jaw, but nothing compared with the past. I will continue posting to explain how is my evolution.

In my next order I will include also other of your products, I'm eager to try the acarid soap, I'm sure that it would work fine for me!

Thanks Walter for distributing those wonderful products!!

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Re: Finally it seems there's a light at the end of the tunne

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Thank you for your testimonial.
You will become completely clear, you will see, it just takes some time.
Soon this terrible skin problem will be something from the past.
To prevent the mites from multiplying again, best not to stop completely
after you are clear but doing a kind of maintenance treatment,
you can do this in different ways like using every month a couple of times in the evening/night
or using every 3 months for a week in a row in the evening/night.
Basically, just keep the mites reduced to a few or none by using once in a while the Zhongzhou ointment.

Thanks again


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