demodex and hair loss

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I swear . . .

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If you treat with Demodex Solutions' products, your hair will improve after 3 months, according to my own anecdotal experience. Using only the ZZ, my eyebrows, lashes, and the hair on my head became stronger and grew quickly.

I am convinced that baldness can be treated by using the ZZ as directed, even if it is not directly applied to the bald areas. I choose not to explain this for the sake of time, since, as with most of us, I have precious little.

Suffice it to say: The Demodex Solutions' products work.

I am not opposed to recommending cosmetics that do not aggravate our skin problems, since many cosmetics contribute to our problems.

I am opposed to referring users to other acne treatment products for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is Walter's concern for the safety and health of his customers.

It is sufficient to know that people have become aware of Demodex as a problem, and that there is hope where there was none before. Without Walter's dedication to this problem, acne would still be caused by chocolate and french fries. :roll:

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Re: demodex and hair loss

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Please shoot me a pm as to what product you used DJ, I too am desperate to know as i have bald patches appearing on my head.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!! :oops:

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Re: demodex and hair loss

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If your hair problem is not male pattern baldness, it is most likely demodex or nutrition related. I would use DS shampoo, or something similar. It will take months though, so don't expect instant results.

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