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Results Report

Post by Glaxony »

I had to use ZZ twice daily for eight months before my face finally cleared. I then had to use it every other day for six months to stay clear. I would especially notice breakouts if I hugged someone and put my cheek near their face. Four months ago, I started cleaning my face twice daily with Ponds Cold Cream, and I haven't gotten a breakout or needed to apply zz since.

Apparently I am completely cured. Thank you Dr ZZ.

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Re: Results Report

Post by Acorn59 »

First, I want to thank you for the testimonial.

If is because of the testimonial page, and Walter's encouragement that I am able to deal with the horrible breakouts, and worsening of my symptoms.

But I did just want to say that...

Pond's Cold Cream was working great for many people with demodex problems because of the beeswax and the sodium borate.

However, they have changed the formula to not include sodium borate, and lowered the beeswax amount.

As for the walgreen's version of the cold cream, they have already changed it to be just like the NEW Pond's Cold Cream formula. Neither of them have sodium borate anymore.

So if you are experiencing breakouts now, or setbacks, this could be why.

Jergen's Face Cream contains similar ingredients to the OLD pond's cream formula.
It has beeswax and sodium borate.

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