ZZ Cream is absolutely perfect for fixing my skin

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ZZ Cream is absolutely perfect for fixing my skin

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I have had skin problems for the last several years above the bridge of my nose and on my upper cheeks underneath my eyes. I have tried everything in the book and nothing has worked until I discovered ZZ Cream. I have been using it for a couple years now and have done several experiments to prove its efficacy.

I have even voluntarily allowed my face to go splotchy just to see how it fares when I apply the cream. There is an uncomfortable period where the skin dies off and there is a large amount of flakes, but afterwards my skin is pristine. My only regret with this product is not remembering to apply it as often as I should.

My skin issue is not necessarily rosacea or acne, it may be a Demodex infestation or not. I'm really not sure. All I know is that this cream has reliably helped me and saved my skin and my confidence on many occasions, and my non-scientific claim is that it seems to be a cure for microbial based skin problems.

I am very curious how it fares on people with psoriasis or acne..

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