lyme testing ..

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lyme testing ..

Post by Goldia »

:lol: Just want to share this with you ..all that may think they need a test for lyme disease . Its being aired on Fox and some areas of usa about morgellon disease and pointing out that lyme can be carried by other ??[critters]..besides ticks . The Morgellon foundation has found me the closest doctor in my area to test me .. He has two offices ..One in Maryland in DC ....I am working on getting myself to DC and get some tests done .. [insurance balking on paying for it tho] .... The Morgellon foundation will find a Doctor closest to you too .if any of you think you might have lyme .. mine is in Lutherville ,MD ..{ Kenneth B. Singleton }
2328 W Joppa Rd .
Lutherville Timonium ,MD...tele: 401-296-2328
and another office in DC
National IntegratedHealth Assoc:

This Doctor had lymes disease.&. has suffered thru .. all of the hells we have , himself ..
And ..without the help of getting Walters products to help him w/ the misery of the skin problems .. :cry: ... So , I 'spose we are lucky ..Huh? ..Good luck to all my partners in 'misery' .."Goldia"
Demodex products have been my only relief w/ my illness..[autoimmune disease , possible lymn disease .. and most likely Morgellon Disease ]..Thanks Walter..for your help these past 3 years ..

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lyme testing

Post by mJacobsenSl »

Lyme disease and west nile have real issues with false positive and false negatives as well for their tests. I tested negative but the dr said he could tell by my exact symptoms that it was a false negative and that I and my son both had west nile. it is sad how many dr's use these tests as conclusive when they only have around a 50 pct accuracy.

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