Corona virus impact

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Corona virus impact

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Dear Customers

We regularly get some questions about the corona virus impact.
First of all, all workers from the factory stayed home for 14 days and were screened for the virus before
they could resume their job, they are all free from the virus, same with our shipping team so should be no danger at all.
Second, it is almost impossible that a virus can survive the shipping abroad so please don’t worry about a virus infection from a package.
Shipping is still working as normal, maybe a bit slower sometimes because less air planes but in general not much difference.
China and Hong Kong are relatively safe again, they went trough the most difficult phase so there is hope.
Please listen to the authorities, stay home as much as you can, wash you hands regularly, avoid close contact with other people
and for the young people, don't think the virus can not harm you, probable much less but if infected you are a carrier from the virus and can spread the infection possible harming older people, try to think about that, if not for yourself, do it for others.
A healthy teenager from 16 years old died in France, a healthy woman from 30 died in Belgium........................
Want to learn more about preventing the coronavirus from spreading?
Check out this page on the World Health Organization website.
A difficult time lays ahead of all of us but if we take this siriously and take all needed measures we will get there once again.

Please stay safe

The Demodex Solution Team

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