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New here

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Hi all
am new here...don't see any new posts so hopefully I am still being read ha... anyway, Walter, you seem to be very helpful. I have a Q. (in a moment.) I started having thinning hair a few years ago and also very itchy skin and face breakout's (and I am 38) My scalp gets itchy where my hair is thinning. I decided to google this today and see if there could be some mite or something causing these issues- waa-laah.. found ya'll. Happy 2 have found u. I am going to order the shampoo, cream, soap etc.. and give it a try. My question tho is this: I have been using minoxidal 3% for women for the last year and it's helped my hair come back in ...Not to what it "USED" to be, but better... can I still use this while using the demodex products? (hoping so... as i hate seeing my scalp. girls don't wanna lose their hair.. :( can you lemme know pls? :)

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Hello, welcome to the forum

I am not familiar with Minoxidil so hard to tell but on the other hand,
if you hair loss is demodex mite related, you don't need that anymore.
I cannot say for sure it is, but according your symptoms, there is a very big possibility.


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