Works: bottle #1

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Works: bottle #1

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Bottle #1 :D

DS shampoo
anti demodex:

I bought about two mnths ago, and I have 1/2 bottle left. One son & I are using. I had 3 big bumps in my head and a couple of little ones pop-out.

Non today.

I take extra Biotin and b-complex daily. Daily multi and mineral vitamin that is allergy free. :D

My head feels good today. I have only been using once a week. I stopped washing my hair daily! I use tea tree shampoo one day (Monday or Tuesday) and then the Demodex shampoo (Friday) and then during the week my hair up in pony tail; I have a laid back job that allows that.
My head fells much better. I don't use a whole lot of shampoo and I let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Oh, I started putting ZZ in my ears and backs of my ears; not the canal! It's working! A few bumps that hurt popped up. & are gone gone! :)

Hope this helps.

JUST BUY IT :idea:
JUST USE IT! :mrgreen:

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