update ..in general

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update ..in general

Post by Goldia »

:oops: sorry I have not posted in so long ..But .. Today I registered and decided to update on my condition . Not good ....and thats why I do not post . I am afraid people will think ..Since I have been using these products so long ..that i should be cured by now ..Not so ,,U see I am suffering from many more skin problems other than demodex mites ..The reason the demodex hang on is my autoimmune disease ..ect:
These products have helped me more than any other prescription ointments ,,drugs ..my doctors order ..American doctors know nothing about treatments of demodex ... Trust Walter to treat them for U ..
Demodex products have been my only relief w/ my illness..[autoimmune disease , possible lymn disease .. and most likely Morgellon Disease ]..Thanks Walter..for your help these past 3 years ..

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Post by Walter »

Welcome back Goldia :lol:

I guess most people here doesn't know about your story..................
No need to be afraid from posting Goldia, what you have is not just a demodex problem so.............
We have several people like you and they all use the Xin Fumanling cream since it is after they tried
everything still the only product helping them, especially for the body.
Most people with this strange disease where tested positive for lime disease, should be done in a special way though,
need to take 5 day's in a row just before the test oral metronidazole, otherwise it is not visible.
Those people are on heavy antibiotics now and we will see, it looks they get better but it is a long
process and they are not healed yet, lets hope they will of course so there would be finely a complete cure.

I will sent you a new sample from a hair lotion against demodex mites if you like.

Thanks for posting Goldia and hope to see you back once in a while,


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