Itchy scalp

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Robbin Mann
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Itchy scalp

Post by Robbin Mann »

Question...I have had an itchy scalp since I was in high school. I notice it alot more when I am hot or sweaty. I have always figured that it was just the tickling of the sweat in my scalp that caused the itch. However as I have gotten older I have noticed that I am getting little scab like things on the back of my neck just inside the hairline. Could this be caused by mites? How does one determine if they have the mites in their scalp?

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Post by ShaunR_UK »

Hi Robbin,

It's hard to determine what the problem is without more detail but from you description it sounds like you may be suffering from Seborrheic Dermatitis (itching, crust like eruptionsetc).

Try a mild antifungal shampoo such as Nizoral 1% (2% may irritate further) or Selsun.

Let us know how you get on.



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Why not try DS Shampoo

Post by Janmes »

I think DS shampoo will helpful to your scalp problem.

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Seb Derm solutions

Post by katwalker »

Yeah, I have seb derm in my scalp, too (and by the proliferation of Selsun Blue, Head and Shoulders type products, a lot of other people do too). These shampoos work somewhat; from what I can tell, you need to look at all the dandruff shampoos and find the active ingredients. There are about three different active ingredients out there, such as coal tar, Nizoral, etc. Anyway, people seem to say that these things work best:

1) Switch out between the different active ingredients regularly (like, every time you buy a new bottle) because your body acclimates over time and the product becomes less effective.
2) Leave the shampoo on for a few minutes in the shower before rinsing it off.
3) Neutrogena, in addition to their own brands of dandruff shampoos, have a product called T/Gel Overnight Dandruff Treatment. It's really only 2% Salicylic acid, but it clears out all the flakes for me. Seb derm is when your body produces skin more rapidly than it can naturally be shed, and for me, this product "unglues" those extra skin cells.

I also have seb derm problems on my face, BTW. So now the question is: what's causing the seb derm? I just ordered the Demodex Solutions products, so we'll see if it helps my seb derm (I also have rosacea and eczema problems... :?

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