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Hello, I have sent a few email but have heard nothing back. I am interested in trying our products in relation to hair loss. I believe the demodex mite is contributing to my alopeica but my dermatologist won't do a scrap test as he thinks the idea is nuts. I tried to do one at home but think my microscope isn't good enough. I'd like to trial some of the products but would like to know there is actually someone there first!

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How about purchasing the shampoo. It's gentle.

The scalp lotion: I use the sample that I got several months ago. I use it on my legs when they start to itch. By the next day, my legs are okay.

I will try to help you more later. Yes, the products work. It is good to start treating for mites. Then see what happens with your hair.

Yes, indeed, people do not take mites seriously. Probably because we all have them, but only a few of us are tormented by them. Among the few of us who have them and suffer, most will benefit from these products.

Hang on! Give the products a try. If nothing else, then at least use the shampoo.

--Marla :)

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