Tiny tiny black mite found in head--HELP please!!!

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Tiny tiny black mite found in head--HELP please!!!

Post by Sandie »

Hi, Im not too sure if this is what my problem is, but maybe someone can help, I was getting bites on my wrist and hands,arms, with little burrow like scatches, I used Elimite cream, it helped some, but last Friday I had awful scalp otching and than found a tiny tiny little black spec, (that was moving in my head, I immediatly went and got some Rid shampoo not knowing what else to do, I also have the itchy nose and one side of my face and both ears, is this the mite you are talking about here? What do they look like, this wasnt head lice as there is absolutely no "nits" to be found. Any ideas anyone, can it be some kind of mite, Im going crazy with this. Any help would be appreciated, I have about 4 or 6 bites on my head. I hate to keep reusing chemicals but Im so afraid it will come back. Thanks Sandie
Have a good day***Sandie

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Post by cj »

Hi Sandie - just realised that no one's replied to you. I don't think what you're describing is the demodex mites as they can only be seen under a microscope. I think you should go to your doctor if it's still driving you crazy. Wish I could be more helpful. Good luck.

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Post by Walter »

Hi Sandie

This not a demodex mite you found, needs to be something else,
best go to doctor, is maybe scabies.


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