Is the DS shampoo identical to the sample once given?

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Is the DS shampoo identical to the sample once given?

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I recieved the free sample of the shampoo. I have used it and had no benefits from it. My symptoms are similar to those described in this forum. So I was wondering were there any changes made to the product since the samples?

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The shampoo is made from natural products, herbs, and is not an aggressive treatment so it can take a while,
however, it is maybe needed to treat the scalp in a more continuous way, that is why the factory developed
a kind of lotion which can be used additionally on the scalp and leave it there without rinsing out, we had the first sample
a while ago which Goldia used and she had good comments about it, we expecting 50 more samples soon so if you are interested to try,
send us a little mail.

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