is the make up and brushes also infected?

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is the make up and brushes also infected?

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Hi Walter and everyone!
I recently order the creams and I am still waiting for them so I can't say anything about their effect on me so far. But my question is regardin gthe make up and make up brushed?I 've been told that tese are also inffected and should be thrown away becaus ethere is nothing you can do to clean them completly. So, I was wondering what is your advice! Thank you very much in advance!

Can't wait to start the treatment!

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Re: is the make up and brushes also infected?

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Good question, nobody asked this before
You mean the make-up eyelash brushes right?
I am only afraid I cannot give you a answer
It all depends how long the mites will live on the eyelash brushes,
normally, the mites die soon (a couple of hours) in a dry environment but
how long they live on such a brush, I have no idea.
I don’t think 24 hours though.
I don’t think you need to worry too much, using the cream they will die anyway.

Good luck with the treatment :)


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