Metronidazole doesn't kill demodex (article).

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Metronidazole doesn't kill demodex (article).

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In vitro survival of Demodex folliculorum was tested in the presence of various concentrations of metronidazole (Flagyl). Demodex was found to survive in concentrations of as much as 1 mg/ml. Thus, it seems unlikely that the effect of metronidazole on rosacea is attributable to its direct activity on the mite.
I don't know if the cream sold on this site is of higher concentration. Does anyone?

As you can see they are not contesting that it has effects on rosacea, but I have dry eye and demodex and I think the demodex are causing the dry eye so it is important for me and people like me for the cream to kill demodex.

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Re: Metronidazole doesn't kill demodex (article).

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Flagil contains 1% metronidazole which is indeed not enough to do much against demodex mites,
that is something we know already a long time.
The Fumanling cream we sell contains 3% metronidazole and besides this, has other active ingredients
like some Chinese herbs.
Our eyelash cream contains 2% metronidazole which is the double from Flagil, in combination with massaging the eyelids
before every application, this cream turned out very effective.
Whatever the medical world says, we prove it every day by healing people……………………..
And last but not least
In vitro doesn’t always mimic exactly the real circumstances.

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