Eyelashes, brows, scalp and hands/feet

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Eyelashes, brows, scalp and hands/feet

Post by vicky »


I have self diagnosed myself with demodex mites.

I look like this :shock: as I have no eyelashes left.

The itching goes thorugh phases so sometimes my eyelashes look like they are making a healthy recovery and then the itching starts all over again. And I just have to pull at the itchy area and the lashes (and sometimes eyebrows) come out really easily.

I also have a rash on the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands which starts as lots and lots of tiny blisters that pop or go away and then turn into a flaky patch - I am not sure if this is related to the eyelash problem - incidently I rarely get stys on or around my eyes so no blepharitis.

Also my scalp is always flaky and sometimes quite itchy.

I went to my doctors with a print out from your website and she didn't seem to know anything about demodex - she said though that she wouldn't recommend using Metronidazole around the eyes and gave me some steroids instead - which worked for a bit but then because I can;t wear contact lenses while using it it just came back - i think I got resitant to the treatment anyway.

So I was wondering what you thought I should do - I am ready to buy the eyelash cream and I think shampoo but I don't think my doctor will agree about the use of it around my eyes - but then I am miserable and anything has got to be worth a go.

There doesn't seem to be much action in the eyelash section so it anyone reads this and has personal experience of these problems please post or pm me - I need some reassurance. Have you used the eyelash cream? What did your doctor say? did it work?


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Star* on old board

Post by Marla »


Star* on the old message board had success with the eyelash treatment.

Within a couple of months of starting treatment, she had tiny new eyelashes sprouting. She went away happy, and we have not heard from her since. (She did mention that having the eyelash ointment on her eyes felt "like Saran wrap.")


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eyelash cream

Post by Star1957 »

I am Star from the prior posts who Marla spoke of (Hi Marla!!) and I have used the eyelash cream. It works but is hard to get used to. The reason I am back is because I stopped using everything for a time and now have all the old symtoms again... :x ....red eyes, loss of eyelashes, burning and stinging. So I have ordered more products. My boyfriend has them too. He probably cross contaminated me :oops: . I talked him into using the cream and he will go to a dermatologist this week for laser of his nose as he has changes in the tissue from the extent of the rosacea he has.
I think it took a good six to eight weeks to see an improvement with the eyelash cream. Marla was my cheerleader :lol:


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