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Hi all! I am having some eyebrow, eyelash and mustacheloss as well as dry,flaky and itching skin in the areas were I lose hair. This all started in oktober 2013 and I am at the wrink of sadness! All my symptoms came at the same time and I am not joking.

At the inner center of my eyebrows, they are a bit red, not a lot but and I can only see the redness through a 3X mirror. My eyebrows also has what it seems to be a lot of dead skin cells and that my eyebrows are very dry and brittle. I have however noticed that almost all the hairs that fall out all look the same and it seems that it is a popped up whitehead/blackhead and that the waxy sebum is attached to hair makin it weak. I have no bumpness/plugs on my eyebrows and the loss is at mostly at the inner brows. On my beard, the beard hair that falls out has lost its pigmentation/colour making the hair whitish and it also has this whitehead/blackhead waxy sebum attached. I have lost a ton of eyebrow and facial hair and have yet to seen any regowth. This loss of pigmentation/colour doesn´t mean on every facial hair but the majority of the losses that happens each day. I also have ordinary pimples that are big and red on my eyebrows which I didn´t have before the symptoms. Before the treatment experiment, my eyes were dry, I wake up with crusts in my eyecanal, eyelids itch, eyelashes fallout very EASY and I could lose up to 4-8 lashes on each eye per day and I have yet to see any regrowth and there is always something white hanging at the top of my eyelashes all day. My scalp is dry as my eyebrows, kinda like dandruff. I lose my scalp hair in a symmetical pattern and it itches constantly! The patternloss is that I lose it on my sides and nape areas. I do get regrowth but I have some bald spots that won´t gow back. My body also itches quite a bit and I got some redness on my stomach and trunk area. I don´t have a lot of pimples on my face but rather a lot of comedos ( whiteheads/blackheads) and this is something that has always been my skin genetics since puberty. I can find them every where on my face but I got an increase when the symptoms stated to shot. The itching seems to be more severe as the days go by. I also start to flush and itch more when I sweat, become scared or suprised which is not something that has happened to me before. The flushing can become quite uncomfartable when I workout becuase it makes my eyebrows feel funny and weird. Can demodex mites make the eyebrow area to become dry and look like seb derm/dandruff ? Can demodex mites cause this symptoms!? Is this caused by demodex?

I stumbled across a comment on acne.og about the hairloss being demodex mites and after searching I found that dry mustard is a way to kill demodex mites and if you breakout out a lot, that means that you are killing the mites. I started the treatment the itch was gone on my eyebrows and made it not as itchy anywhere else on my face, eye area,scalp and body. I did breakout quite a bit the day I woke up after I applied the mustard and soon after the zits got smaller over time but I don´t know about the hairloss though, if it got less or more but I still had it. I did this for 1 month.

I still don´t know what is going on and I have gone to 4 different dermatologists but they all said something different. One said alopecia, one said it was nothing and the dry skin was due to it being winter and the hairloss was due it being seasonal shedding, one said seb derm and the last one said demodex. None of them however did a biopsy. I still don´t know what I have and it is destroying my life! the itching doesn´t bother me but the hairloss does and I am yet seeing any hair regrowth. I need some help as I am only 19 and my life is about to begin and I dont want it to end (I have thought of commiting suicide if I dont have any eyebrows,eyelashes and beard left becuase these are my trademarks and something I was foundly proud of becuase I have bad hair genetics on my scalp.)

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